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Janaki Feeds

To meet the ever increasing requirement of quality feeds for poultry and cattle, the group started expanding their Poultry feed production on the brand name of Janaki Feeds, by Establishing M/S Janaki Feeds Private Limited, at the BOMMAKAL village of Karimnagar District and engaged in supplying poultry and cattle feeds in some parts of Telangana region of the state with a capacity to produce about 100 TO 120 Metric tons per day, majority of which is poultry feed. Under the able guidance of Sri C.Ananda Rao,his children Mr C. Venkateswara Rao, Mr. C.Lakshminarasimha Rao and Mr. C. Madhusudhan Rao have joined the company to take it further. Visit Janaki Feeds >>

Vimala Feeds

The poultry feed has taken a major share of the group's business and the introduction of new technologies in feed manufacturing like pellet and crumble feeds gained popularity by virtue of their contribution for better growth, FCR, and better livability in broiler birds and better egg production, persistency and better livability in layer birds. The group understanding the importance of pellet and crumble feeds to exploit the full genetic potential of exotic breeds of broiler and layer birds started a new feed plant on the name of M/s. VIMALA FEED PVT.LTD in LALGADI MALAKPET village of RANGA REDDY DISTRICT OF ANDHRA PRADESH. Mr. C.Madhusudana Rao, the youngest son of Sri.C.Ananda Rao, looks after all the operations of the company.  Visit Vimala Feeds>>

Chalimeda Feeds

To meet the ever growing challenges from the MNC's entering in the feed business in India, the group started a new feed plant with the state of the art new technology of batch mixing facility. The plant was established on the name of CHALIMEDA FEED (P) LTD at BOMMAKAL Village of KARIMNAGAR District with a capacity to produce 360 metric tons of different types of mash feeds per day under the leadership of Mr. C.Venkateswara Rao. He also worked as CHAIRMAN OF C L F M A (Compound Livestock Feed Manufactures Association) during the period 2008 to 2010. Visit Chalimeda Feeds >>