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Way back in 1967, the poultry farming in INDIA is very minute and only small scale entities in rural areas farmed.. Sri Chalimeda Ananda Rao, A young lawyer by profession, having foresight and the scope for the development of Poultry and cattle farming in India in general and in ANDHRA PRADESH in particular started small scale poultry and cattle feed mixing unit in Industrial Estate of KARIMNAGAR District of Andhra Pradesh. It used to supply poultry & cattle feeds to small number of farmers in and around the District.

Year 1989 : Between 1970's to 1980's a rapid growth has occurred in cattle & poultry sector, Where most advanced exotic Poultry and Cattle breeds were introduced in to the Indian live stock industry, particularly the poultry sector has grown at a pace of 15 to 20% per annum, so the demand for poultry and cattle feeds has increased. To meet the ever increasing requirement of quality feeds for poultry and cattle, the group started expanding their Poultry feed production on the brand name of Janaki Feeds, by Establishing M/S Janaki Feeds Private Limited, at the BOMMAKAL village of Karimnagar District and engaged in supplying poultry and cattle feeds in some parts of Telangana region of the Andhra Pradesh state with a capacity to produce about 100 TO 120 Metric tons per day, majority of which is poultry feed. Under the capable direction of Sri C. Ananda Rao, his children Mr C. Venkateswara Rao, Mr. C.Lakshminarasimha Rao and Mr. C. Madhusudhan Rao have joined the company to take it further.

Our Objectives

"QUALITY" - The group’s sacred word, for which we always thrives to produce the best quality products. The management understands the needs of their valuable customers and commit to produce high quality feeds as per the industry standards on day to day basis. In its R&D division many experiments are being conducted continuously to monitor and evaluate the different combinations of formulas to suit the INDIAN conditions and to produce different feeds at an economical price to help the farmers and thus reduce the production costs.

The group’s strength is in the selection of all raw materials like MAIZE, SOYA etc. The raw materials are selected physically by well trained personnel and tested analytically in the group’s well established state of the art laboratory for their nutrient quality and toxic contents before every purchase. Every ingredient (raw material) coming into the plants and every finished product that is going to the field will be tested in the laboratory without any compromise.

All the group’s feed plants are equipped with computerized auto-batch mixing facilities where it ensures the exact required quantities of raw materials will be mixed to produce the final finished products. In the plants where pellet and crumble feeds are produced, the use of BOA COMPACTOR helps to improve the digestibility of the feed, optimum utilization of nutrients by the bird and uniform performance.

Total care is being taken to avoid the entry of any contamination during feed processing at all levels as per the standard operating procedures.

At breeding farms (parent farms) the group follows all bio-security measures.

The parents are reared under disease free environmental conditions helped by well qualified poultry Veterinarians. The hatching eggs produced in the breeder farms are being hatched in a well equipped hatchery with latest technology being utilized. The hatchery and breeder farms are being run under the surveillance of well trained and professionally experienced staff. The group follows all bio-security measures in the hatching and breeding operations to produce the high quality and healthy chicks.

The group started bulk feed supplies by operating the bulk loading trucks where the finished feed is being transported directly to the customers without bagging.

Research and Development

Our Janaki group has started Research and Development Centre too. In addition to its main R&D Centre at Karimnagar it has its zonal centres at Shameerpet for broiler birds. The R&D center is being taken care and guided by well known animal nutritionists. Our Poultry R&D Centre has a full fledged Poultry Disease Diagnosis and Surveillance Laboratory equipments.

The main activities that are taken at R&D :
  1. Poultry disease surveillance and monitoring.
  2. Conducting various experiments that are suitable for the commercial purpose with various feed ingredients and additives to evaluate their performance for body weights, feed consumption, conversion and also for EEF in case of broilers and production performance parameters in case of layer birds like rate of lay, egg weight, egg quality, shell strength and livability. The results of the R & D are implemented into the feed formulations to reduce the cost of production.

Feed for Food

Animals in general and poultry and cattle in particular require feed for their survival and to produce nutritious products like EGGS, MEAT AND MILK respectively which are daily food for the humans. The JANAKI GROUP indirectly helps the NATION IN PRODUCING HEALTHY NUTRITIOUS AND UNADULTRATED PROTEIN RICH FOOD IN THE FORM OF EGGS, CHICKEN AND MILK TO MILLIONS OF INDIAN PEOPLE.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to producing feed for poultry and hatchery, Janaki Group actively participates in social service for needy people whenever there is a problem or any natural disaster occurs. In 2009, November during Floods in the area of KURNOOL, Our employees of Janaki Group donated their one day income as they distributed food and blankets to the flood victims. This shows the commitment of every individual of our organization to society. In February 2012, the group distributed blankets and food to Leprosy Patients in BALAJINAGAR, JAWAHARNAGAR & YAPRAL in Secunderabad.

Our janaki group also runs a trust in the name of "CHALIMEDA JANAKIDEVI MEMORIAL" which has helped to build a pavilion in KARIMNAGAR stadium. Every year Janakidevi Memorial Trust honours GOLD Medal for Ph.D. Student of Poultry Sciences from Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University of Andhra Pradesh.

In addition to the awards we also pay tuition and HOSTEL fees for meritorious students. Also M/s. Vimala FEEDS contributes salary for teachers in LALGADI MALAKPET SCHOOL of SHAMEERPET (M) of RR Dist.